Maritime Registration Process

The registration of vessel in Malta is a straightforward procedure, which is dependent on the type of vessel and the use for which it is being put. The incorporation of shipping companies is also a straightforward procedure which may be completed within hours.

The vessel is first provisionally registered under the Malta flag for a period of six months. This period may be renewed for a further period of six months. During such period all documentation with the Authorities must be finalised.

For a vessel to be provisionally registered, there are a number of documents and declarations that need to be submitted to the authorities.

The Maltese register also accepts vessels that are being built or equipped and also re-domiciliation from other flags to the Maltese Flag.

Registration of the Maltese Ship may be closed at owners’ request provided all liabilities and obligations in respect of the ship have been fulfilled and consent of all mortgagees is produced.

There are no restrictions on the mortgaging of ships registered in Malta to foreign nationals and registration, transfer, amendment and discharge of mortgages may be affected immediately upon presentation of relevant documentation.