Malta’s Competitive Advantages

Benefits of Registering your Ship & Yacht in Malta

The registration of sea going vessels in Malta entails a number of benefits, which include:


The registration of vessels in Malta, together with the incorporation of companies, entails a simple and straightforward procedure.


There are no restrictions as to the intended use of the vessel registered in Malta. All vessels, mercantile or pleasure yachts, whether intended for commercial use or otherwise, are eligible for registration in Malta as long as they satisfy certain basic requirements regarding age and compliance with basic standards. Moreover, no restrictions are imposed on the nationality of the shareholders, directors or crew nor are trading restrictions imposed.


Owners and operators have the choice of remaining anonymous by utilizing a range of corporate services which include nominee shareholding, nominee directorship and trusts.


Malta is not only a politically neutral jurisdiction, but also a credible jurisdiction with a long standing maritime tradition which ranks it the second largest maritime register in Europe. Fears associated with jurisdictions regarded as flags of convenience do not arise.


Malta offers very attractive fiscal benefits ranging from income tax exemptions to, reduced rate of value added tax on leases and exemption from capital gains on transfer.


Mortgages are given the status of executive title which can be expeditiously enforced by a number of legal remedies.


The Merchant Shipping Directorate forms parts of the recently revamped Authority for Transport in Malta which offers an efficient, effective and timely service.


The fees for the registration of vessels in Malta are relatively favourable in comparison with other European jurisdictions.