Malta: A Leading Maritime Nation

What makes the Maltese flag an attractive flag is not a single ingredient, but a number of factors, which added up offer a package, which should prove appealing. A proven maritime tradition, the flag’s positive reputation, a solid legislative base and a sound financial services sector are a few of the ingredients to be taken into account when considering whether to register a sea going vessel in Malta. Top that up with appealing fiscal incentives and the odds are that Malta should prove to suit your needs in every respect, as it has done to the many owners and management companies who have chosen Malta as their favoured maritime register.

In a nutshell, the benefits include:

- exemption from income tax, as well as from duty on transfers or assignment;

- competitive registration fees and low company incorporation and maintenance costs;

- simple and straightforward procedures; and

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- lack of restrictions as to the nationality of shareholders and directors as well as those of master, officers and crew.

The Maltese flag is the largest in Europe and is ranked in the top ten worldwide.