Why Malta

The commitment to establish Malta as an international aviation hub of excellence and its recent past successes in industries such as the maritime and remote gaming industries, which have relied on Malta’s overriding principles of attractiveness and economic resilience; are in themselves proof that Malta will succeed in its aims in establishing itself as a an aviation hub.

Suffice is to mention companies such as Lufthansa Technik and SR Technics in the MRO business and Comlux in the corporate aviation business which have already established themselves in Malta as proof of Malta’s attractiveness in this sector.

If you are considering where to register your aircraft or if you are considering to relocate your operations, Malta should be added to your prospective list of jurisdictions.

Despite its stability, Mediterranean location and sophisticated professional and business infrastructure, Malta remains an attractive base in terms of cost, with operational costs estimated at a half or two-thirds of those prevailing in Europe. The quality and level of services remains unprejudiced despite their cost-effectiveness.

What makes Malta an attractive base is not a single ingredient, but a number of factors which added up offer a package which should prove attractive and appealing. Economic resilience, a solid legislative base, a sound financial services sector, an excellent workforce and a Mediterranean climate are a few of the ingredients to be taken into account when considering where to establish your operative base or where to relocate to. Top that up with appealing fiscal incentives and the odds are that Malta should prove to suit your needs too, whether your intended operations are in the private, commercial or air transport category.

“Although Malta in an EU location with a sophisticated professional and business infrastructure, the island remains highly cost effective as a base to do business from”; Corporate Eurozone Location for International Business Country Profiler 2008/2009.