Malta Aircraft Register

The Aircraft Registration Act was enacted in 2010 with a vision to emulate the success Malta achieved in the maritime sector. The Aircraft Registration Act is a modern legislative instrument which is largely unrestricted, offering the possibility to many owners and operators to register their aircraft in Malta.

In principle every type of aircraft is eligible for registration in Malta. Moreover, saving eligibility qualifications based on the nationality of the registrant, no restrictions are imposed with respect to the use of the aircraft and hence an aircraft registered in Malta can be utilized for private purposes, commercial operations or air service. Foreign undertakings not engaged in air service are also offered the possibility of appointing a registered agent in Malta for the purposes of eligibility for registration.

Aircraft under construction may also be registered in Malta, an innovative concept derived from maritime practice. The possibility of obtaining finance at the early stage of construction is therefore enhanced, the aircraft or albeit the engine serving as collateral.

In addition to a national mortgage register, the ratification by Malta of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Aircraft Protocol offers a solid base not only for owners but it also makes it an attractive jurisdiction for manufacturers, suppliers and financiers having an interest in an aircraft or its equipment. The Act also caters for judicial proceedings to be handled expeditiously which, coupled with an arbitration legislation which adopts the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration; and an efficient and effective arbitration centre offer the possibility for disputes to be solved with relative ease and in a timely manner. Malta therefore offers an unrivalled level of protection to those having a security interest in aircraft or aircraft equipment.

The cost effectiveness of the island is further reflected in the fees charged by the Civil Aviation Department.

The Maltese registration marks are a sign of distinction and quality. They give the aircraft the credibility of being registered in a cost-effective yet a sophisticated European jurisdiction.